Phone Booth inside,
Creative Space outside.

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Phone calls? Focused work? Brainstorming? Video calls? Outline ideas? Arrange books? Place plants? Hang up a jacket? Sure, anything with Talky. Phone booth or meeting pod inside, creative space outside. A multiple benefit for the office. Talky offers space for something new. It is multifunctional and flexible. Various add-ons make Talky an integral part of the workspace, enriching today’s agile working environment. Talky is right in the middle of the open space office but does not impose itself. The Swiss quality product – developed with care in every detail.


Two sizes

Talky comes in sizes S and M for one to four persons. Special sizes can also be produced upon request.

Creative outside enhancement

Add-On elements such as pinboards, whiteboards, flipcharts, shelves, a workstation or a coat rack enrich the outside space and can be exchanged according to the momentary requirement. With vertical greenery, Talky provides a green oasis in the office.

Flexible interior

The furniture inside Talky is multifunctional and can be exchanged. Thus, the single office becomes a meeting pod or a mini studio when needed. Every element whether bistro table, bench or bar has been carefully designed from sustainable materials and with a love of detail.


Equipped with a base element for forklift accessibility, the Model S can be moved easily with a pallet jack.

Variety of colours

Whether as a colourful eye-catcher or reduced element in the room, whether in stylish mustard yellow or precisely coordinated with your corporate design: Talky adapts perfectly to your visual preferences. Inside and outside.

Retreat for focused work

Thanks to an excellent acoustic insulation value, Talky offers optimal conditions for undisturbed phone calls and focused work in any environment. Fabric-covered exterior surfaces have a positive effect on room acoustics.

Comfortable ventilation

If you want to work well, you need fresh air. That is why Talky is equipped with a powerful ventilation system. It is not audible from the outside and achieves an effective air exchange rate of up to 90m3/h (Talky M 200m3/h).
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Talky S

Talky S

Talky M

Talky M